I am happy to grant you space to put your material up on the web. So long as your site doesn’t libel anybody or contain illegal material or anything else that I’m likely to receive serious objections over, I am happy to act as your host. If you know HTML, I will set up an FTP account for you and allow you to set up your web page. I will provide a link to your website from the Clarksbury directory.

If you don’t know HTML, I am happy to design web pages for you, put them up on the website, host them for you and maintain them for you. We will consult with you on the look you want and be responsive to requests to make changes.

The costs break down as follows:

  • One year basic hosting,
    a directory on Clarksbury.com:
    $50 CDN per year.

  • Your own domain name:
    $20.00 CDN per year

  • Labour to design and maintain your web pages:
    $30.00 CDN per hour for up to nine hours of work,
    $20.00 CDN per hour afterward
    $75.00 CDN minimum charge

NOTE: 13% HST applies.

Our payment policy:

If we are designing your web page for you, you don’t pay us until you are happy. We’ll post your completed webpages for your inspection for one week, during which time we’ll make any changes you require. If you like what you see, pay us and we’ll publish your page to the world. If you don’t, we’ll take the site down and you’ll owe us nothing. Domain names won’t be purchased or assigned until you have committed to pay for the website design.

Update package fees are due upfront. We will invoice you for another year of hosting and domain name holding when the time comes to renew and will only take the site down if we don’t hear from you about a renewal, or if you ask us to take it down.

We accept cash, cheques and PayPal at this time. Sorry! Talk to us about payment plans for large orders. $25 fee for returned cheques.


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