About Us

Clarksbury is not a real town, so far as I know. It is the fictional home of Rosemary Watson and Peter McAllister and their friends, characters from my first published novel named The Unwritten Girl. Clarksbury is a small town about the size of Wiarton, located on the shores of Georgian Bay roughly where the village of Lion’s Head currently resides. It’s comparatively close to the location of this blogger.

Clarksbury.com is the home of a number of web pages that Erin and I have worked on over the years, for friends and family. Previously, this area of the web used to be known as Sitehouse.net, but someone came along and offered us good money to buy the domain name. We accepted his kind offer and went looking for a new domain that would house our friends’ pages. My friend Dan Kukwa suggested Clarksbury as a way to suggest a small community arising from my personal connections and interests.

Not all of our member sites reside at Clarksbury.com. Many have their own domain names, but either these sites were on Sitehouse.net at one time, or they represent a key part of my online portfolio. I’ve come to realize that I have a number of efforts out there on the world wide web, and I’m proud of most of them. This site collects them together in one directory.

I do not design web pages for a living, but some have come forward and have paid me for my expertise. You’re certainly welcome to do the same, if you’re okay with our rates.

Enjoy your visit to Clarksbury.com. I hope you find lots of things in here that catch your attention.

Sincerely, James Bow