Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect Cast List

The Eighth Doctor

The eighth Doctor

Watermark (Sep 1992) - Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Feb 1997)

Tall and slender with dark hair, the eighth Doctor has the appearance of an attractive English gentleman in his late thirties, early forties. Otherwise, he looks unremarkable, and his clothing reflects this. He typically dresses in black pants, black shoes and a black turtle-neck sweater. Over this, he wears a beige trenchcoat, except during trips to pre-20th century Earth where a black cloak might be worn instead. A black jacket also appears in his ensemble, occasionally.

The eighth Doctor came into being when one of the seventh Doctor’s best laid plans blew up in his face and forced him to regenerate. In many ways, the eighth Doctor’s character is a reaction to the extroverted seventh who wasn’t afraid to go barrelling into situations. The eighth Doctor does not seek out trouble, or to draw attention to himself. This is reflected in his choice of clothes. In person he can be rather quiet, and there are some indications that he is battling some inner demons, both recent and old.

However, although conservative, the eighth Doctor is still not a person to be messed with. Although he does not seek out trouble, he does not shirk from duty when trouble seeks out him. Those who get past his quiet exterior find a subtle man, with a quirky sense of humour, and a boundless compassion for all in the universe. He has “a smile that bluffed Death with a pair of fours”.

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, the eighth Doctor is listed as being played by Edward Peel-Smith. Elements of the actors Edward Peel (“Kane” in Doctor Who: Dragonfire) and Hugh Frasier (“Captain Hastings” in Poirot) are used.

The Ninth Doctor

The ninth Doctor

Sentinel (Sep 1997) - ?

The ninth Doctor is more quirky than the eighth and, as such, is a return to the characteristics of the Doctors of old. He is not a clone of any previous Doctor, however. He is non-confrontational, by and large and doesn’t play “living chess.” He’s a bit of a mother hen, a bit inclined towards being vague or preoccupied and tends to let his companions take more of a lead. He’s very much a tactician and will often play the idiot or such if it helps the situation. His clothes do not stay as a particular outfit, but to an era—the Victorian/Edwardian period.

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, the ninth Doctor is listed as being played by Jon Thaw. The actual actor, John Thaw (Inspector Morse), does provide the likeness in the illustrations, but the show is not “Inspector Morse in Space.”

Fayette Calonne

Fayette Calonne

The Great Fear (Sep 1993) - Into the Fire (Jan 1997)

Fayette was the first to really get through the eighth Doctor’s shell and get a clear picture of the person underneath. Her relationship with the Doctor was close enough that they treated each other as adopted father and daughter. Fayette would call the Doctor “papa” and the Doctor actually introduced her as his daughter.

Fayette was a 17-year-old French girl who lived in Paris on the eve of the French Revolution. The Doctor knew her father and broke his own rules about time travel by trying to warn his friend of the violence to come. Fayette’s father accepted the Doctor’s advice, but decided to stay in Paris and try to avert the revolution. He died as a result, and the Doctor took Fayette in.

Fayette handles herself well on board the TARDIS, being blessed with a strong intelligence and an open mind. She stays on board for seven years, maturing into a cosmopolitan woman, finally leaving when the Doctor tells her to follow her heart when she falls in love with a history professor from the 24th century. She leaves on the condition that the Doctor promise to visit his grandchildren. He has honoured this commitment, even after his regeneration.

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, Fayette is listed as being played by Sara Griffiths.

Sue Novak

Sue Novak

The Sea of Doubt (Jan 1997) - The Land of the Free (Jan 1999)

Although she and Ryan Parnel came on board the TARDIS in The Sea of Doubt, she and Ryan had two previous “on-screen” meetings with the Doctor (in Story on a Train and Syndicate). Sue Novak is an FBI field agent who met the Doctor while undercover watching terrorists on board Amtrak’s Empire Builder. Using the information given to her by Ryan, her superior officer, she assumed that the Doctor was a UNIT agent, and part of a spy-ring of super secret agents who each used the title “the Doctor” as a code name. Although she likes the Doctor, she treats him with the respect an ally (and, thus, a potential enemy) deserves).

When she and Ryan tried to investigate the Doctor further in The Sea of Doubt, the Doctor responded by playfully tricking them onto the TARDIS and taking them out for a jaunt. He would have returned them home, but the events of Twilight’s Last Gleaming and his regeneration intervened, and Sue and Ryan were left to take care of the recovering ninth Doctor. In the process, the three became fast friends, although the Doctor still carries a lot of guilt for having kidnapped them in the first place.

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, Sue Novak is listed as being played by Cathleen Turner.

Ryan Parnell

Ryan Parnel

The Sea of Doubt (Jan 1997) - The Land of the Free (Jan 1999)

Ryan Parnel is Sue Novak’s superior officer and friend. He and Sue have also had a romantic history which they set aside some time before they came on board the TARDIS. The pressure of their adventures has brought the two closer together and now they find themselves having to deal with their unresolved feelings with one another.

Whereas Sue is a field agent, Ryan has been a supervisor and has worked behind a desk for a few years. He is not as active as Sue, but he can still do well in fist fights, when called for. His professional appearance belies a sensitive man who enjoys making terrible puns. “Shut up, Ryan” is a commonly heard catch phrase used by the other TARDIS travellers, except Haleh.

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, Ryan Parnel is listed as being played by Jon Ritter. Although John Ritter remains this author’s creative template for the character of Ryan, the artists rebelled and used the likeness of David McCallum instead.

Haleh Tabari

Haleh Tabari

Crescent, Cross, Star & Pentagram (Jan 1998) - ?

Haleh Tabari is a 17-year-old woman who lived in the village of Irem in Palestine in the 11th century. Married at 13, she was orphaned and widowed by the daemon Baphomet and his followers. She has no children. She was part of the “control group,” an experiment by Baphomet to see if the people of Earth could follow a single religion. She had implanted in her a chip that prevented any thoughts of hatred. Although the Doctor removed this implant, hatred remains an alien emotion to her. Often, she will try to talk the monsters out of what they are planning, and sometimes they will listen!

Haleh can read and write Arabic and Hebrew as well as a little English and French (the modern versions are a bit odd to her, though). She is intelligent and open minded, and thus is not hampered from having come from a primitive time. She is a truly caring, compassionate young woman, very much into her faith (Islam). Her clothing reflects her belief and her practicality. She ditched the encumbering clothes of her time quickly, but replaced them with clothes that were both comfortable, and conformed to her tastes and her beliefs. She continues to keep her face covered in public, but not in the TARDIS, which she considers to be home, with the Doctor and her fellow companions her family.

Haleh makes her beliefs clear, but other people, as per the Qu’ran, cannot be forced to believe. She believes that the Doctor does what he does because he is looking for something. She believes this is some sort of belief in God and she wants to help him find it again—or, if not in God, then in himself…

In the Trenchcoat “Radio Thymes”, Haleh Tabari is listed as being played by Feryal Akim.