Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect Episode Guide

Seventh Doctor
Season 26: Canon (Sep - Dec 1989)
[7N][4] Battlefield Ben Aaronovitch Ace Brigadier & UNIT appear
[7Q][3] Ghost Light Marc Platt Ace
[7M][4] Curse of Fenric Ian Briggs Ace
[7P][3] Survival Rona Munro AceMaster appears
Season 27: Timewyrm (Sep - Dec 1991)
[7R][4] Genesys John Peel Ace 4th Dr appears
[7S][4] Exodus Terrance Dicks Ace War Chief appears
[7T][4] Apocalypse Nigel Robinson Ace 2nd Dr & Jamie appear
[7U][4] Revelation Paul Cornell Ace1st to 5th Drs, Adric, Sara & Katarina appear
[7W][4] To Go Beyond Matt Grady Ace Dr regenerates
Eighth Doctor
Season 28: trenchcoat 0 (Sep 1992 - Jan 93)
[7X][2] Watermark Dan Kukwa Ace 7th Dr & UNIT appear
[7Z][2] Pictures at an Exhibition James Bow Ace Chad Boyle appears
[7Y][4] Evening Falls Steve Wolterstorff Ace
[8B][4] Shepherd Moons James Bow & Cameron Dixon Ace
[8A][8] The Memory of trees Erin Noteboom Ace (leaves)
Season 29: trenchcoat 1 (Sep 1993 - Jan 94)
[8C][2] The Great Fear James Bow Fayette (joins)
[8D][4] Nottingham James Bow Fayette Master appears
[8F][4] London Fog James Bow Fayette
[8E][6] Story on a train James Bow FayetteSue & Ryan appear
[8G][6] The Abbey by the Sea James Bow Fayette Daleks appear
[8H][4] Showdown James Bow Fayette Valeyard appears
Season 30: trenchcoat 2 (Sep 1994 - Jan 95)
[8J][6] The Howling of the Wolves James Bow Fayette
[8M][2] Return to traken Brent Christensen Fayette Nyssa appears
[8K][6] The Locust Method Dan Kukwa Fayette Cybermen & UNIT appear
[8P][6] Syndicate James Bow Fayette Autons, Sue & Ryan appear
[8N][2] The Mirocons Jeff Szpirglas Fayette
[8L][4] Storm on the Island James Bow Fayette Daleks appear
Season 31: trenchcoat 3 (Sep 1995 - Jan 96)
[8S][4] The Martian Colonies James Bow Fayette Ice Warriors appear
[8Q][4] Jabberwocky Dreams James Bow Fayette
[8R][4] Mammoth Lyn Davies Fayette
[8U][4] Millennium’s End Chris Kocher Fayette
[8T][4] Company of the Rani Shawn Sulma Fayette Rani appears
[8W][4] Death Expedition Melanie Dixon Fayette UNIT appears
[8X][6] The Empty Man Patricia Smith & James Bow Fayette
Season 32: trenchcoat 4 (Sep 1996 - Feb 97)
[9A][6] The Graveyard of Time Martin Proctor Fayette
[9B][6] Smaointe Ar Na Laethe Bhi James Bow Fayette
[8Y][4] Distractions Dan Kukwa Fayette Toymaker appears
[8Z][2] The Captive Sleuths Patricia Smith Fayette
[9C][6] Into the Fire James Bow Fayette (leaves) Cybermen appear
[9D][4] Sea of Doubt James Bow Sue & Ryan (join)
[9E][6] Twilight’s Last Gleaming James Bow Sue & Ryan Daleks appear; Dr regenerates
Ninth Doctor
Season 33: Ninth Aspect (Sep 1997 - Feb 98)
[9F][8] Sentinel Martin Proctor Sue & Ryan Cybermen appear
[9G][4] The Shattered Clocks James Bow Sue & Ryan Time Lords appear
[9H][8] Dead Ringers Edward Chan & Brad Connors Sue & Ryan Cybermen appear
[9J][4] Yesterday’s Avatar John Riebow Sue & Ryan
[9K][6] Crescent, Cross, Star and Pentagram Greg Gick Sue & Ryan; Haleh (joins)
[9L][4] Dark Magus Chris Kocher Sue, Ryan & Haleh7th, 8th Drs, Ace & Valeyard appear
Season 34: Ninth Aspect 2 (Sep 1998 - Jan 99)
[9M][6] Death by D’Syne Edward Chan & Brad Connors Sue, Ryan & Haleh Cybermen appear
[9N][6] The Golden Owl Greg Gick & Chris Kocher Sue, Ryan & Haleh
[9R][4] A Common Disaster Dan Kukwa Sue, Ryan & Haleh 6th Dr appears
[9Q][4] The Black Files Andrew Gurudata Sue, Ryan & Haleh
[9P][6] The Steel Nursery Steve Wolterstorff Sue, Ryan & Haleh Silurians appear
[9S][6] The Land of the Free James Bow Haleh; Sue & Ryan (leave)
Season 35: Ninth Aspect 3 (Sep 1999 - Jan 2000)
[9T][8] Hard Reality Martin Proctor Haleh
[9V][2] At the Mercy of the Meek James Bow Haleh Fayette appears
[9W][6] Progress of the Daleks Dan Kukwa and James Bow Haleh