May 23, 2002

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The upgrade of Transit Southwestern Ontario is going slowly but surely, with the addition of a news archive. New webmaster Jonathan English is working on putting his mark on this website, and integrating it more closely with the Yahoo Groups forum KWTransit.

This is going to be a long task, and any and all help is appreciated.

Latest News

May 23, 2002: More articles in the news archive!

May 1, 2001: Some modest proposals for a Route 19 in Kitchener.

April 5, 2001: What do we think about the proposals to replace Highway 7 with a full-fledged expressway between Kitchener and Guelph? View our editorial to find out.

March 5, 2001: We add a news archive!

February 1, 2001: A new URL! We've moved to the new address of, to make this website independent of Dan Kukwa's personal pages. This may make it easier for more people to update this website, and increase the amount of content available. Stay tuned!

Please remember that this page is unofficial, and therefore you should not use this as an official source for route, fare or additional services information. This information should be obtained directly from the transit companies themselves.

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