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Ontario Flag

Hamilton Street Railway, June 2, 1939.

Streetcars used to run in many of the cities and towns of Ontario, including Hamilton, Kitchener, Windsor and Oshawa. Sadly, when Ottawa abandoned its system in 1959, the only city left running streetcars was Toronto. The simulations here pay tribute to the fallen flags across Ontario, harkening back to the days when the streetcar had a part to play, even in the transportation picture of small towns. These layouts will be converted to BAHN 3.58 as soon as time permits.

Layouts Available

GO Transit Commuter Rail (by Nick Haste) (ver 3.0) (January 1995) (86K - BAHN 3.40)

Hamilton Street Railway -- Streetcar System (ver 1.0) (June 2, 1939) (155K - BAHN 3.40)

Toronto BAHN Layouts (Various)

Wacky World! (by Chris Amiel) (ver 1.0) (Fictional) (210K - BAHN 3.40)

Waterloo Regional LRT -- Fantasy Streetcar System (Jan 1, 2001) (ver 1.2) (260K - BAHN 3.40)

Layouts Coming Soon

Sault Ste Marie -- Streetcar System (?) (Proposed)

Ottawa -- Streetcar System (1945) (Proposed)

Ottawa -- Transitway LRT (2010) (Proposed)

Your Simulation Here! -- (Whenever) (Why not?)

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