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Halifax and its Streetcars, December 31, 1928.

Of the two provinces in Canada which don't have railroads operating on their soil, both are in the Maritimes (Labrador, in Newfoundland, is served by the Quebec, North Shore and Labrador, but people on the island of Newfoundland still lost their Newfie Bullet). The small cities and low populations don't appear to be condusive to rail-transit operations, but the cities do boast a proud heritage. Halifax, in particular, was notable for its all-Birney fleet. We couldn't call this web site a truly Canadian page without acknowledging this heritage. These layouts will be converted to BAHN 3.58 as soon as time permits.

Layouts Available

Halifax (NSL&PC) -- Streetcar System (ver 1.0) (December 31, 1928) (280K - BAHN 3.40)

Halifax -- Bus System (by Alan Grossert, ver 1.0) (1998 - BAHN 3.40) (272K)

St. John's, Newfoundland, Bus Network (by Alan Grossert, ver 1.5) (1997 - BAHN 3.40) (121K)

Layouts Coming Soon

St John or Moncton, New Brunswick? (circa 1930s) (Proposed)

Your Simulation Here! -- (Whenever) (Why not?)

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