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We're here because we believe there is room enough for another BAHN Web Page. This page focuses on the American Heartland (or, rather, the portion of the United States that sits outside of New York City). We do not wish, in any way, to challenge the existance of fine web pages of New York City Subway Resources; we just wish to be another voice in the BAHN Web Community.

Outside New York City, streetcars used to reign supreme in dozens of cities across the American Midwest and on the west coast, from Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, Los Angeles and Minneapolis. Sadly, most are gone. Some cities are taking bold, progressive steps towards reintroducing their streetcars, now repackaged as high-tech LRTs, including Minneapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC. Other systems survived the great rush to abandon the old technology, and have operating systems dating back for decades, like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Our page is dedicated to these cities who, although not as famous as New York or Chicago, still have a place on the rail transportation scene.

Recent Updates

I've just discovered that my zip file of the Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway was corrupted, and that people weren't able to see the layout. How embarrassing! Anyway, the non-corrupted file has been uploaded, and you may now enjoy these BAHN sims. Thank you for your patience.

January 24, 2000: Richard Reichardt has successfully released his Chicago 1944 simulation and it is now available for you to download. BAHN 3.59 is now available, and we encourage you to get on board. Also, we've cleaned up a few links and continue to look forward to more sims coming our way...

September 5, 1999: As you can see, we've moved. Our page now belongs to Xoom.com and we're associated with WWWaterloo. Richard is making progress on his CTA simulation and hopes to start on Minneapolis soon.

June 20, 1999: We have a new submission: Stan Patchet's model of the Illinois Central Railroad's Chicago Division Electric train operations in April 1965. You can download this excellent model by clicking here. I also took the time to correct a few broken links and improve the look and upload speed of this page. I hope you notice the improvement. Thanks again to Stan for submitting his excellent BAHN layout.

February 17, 1999: More BAHN 3.58 simulations are appearing on the Web, and we expect a few to follow on Heartland BAHN pretty soon. Already, Dave Snowden has updated his San Francisco MUNI operations, and you can click to your copy here. There's news about Richard Richard's Chicago 'L' simulation, and we may soon get more layouts from Seattle, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Stay tuned! Also, some inaccurate links were fixed, so if you had trouble accessing a layout, please try again.

January 19, 1999: We're pleased to announce that BAHN 3.58 is now available! You can download a copy from a number of links here, including the author's home page. This page has been revised, with some links fixed up, and a provisional update to the Omaha and Council Bluffs simulation. Among the improvements: more scenery and genuine models of Omaha streetcars.

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And Now the Heartland BAHN Layouts:

Layout Possibilities and Layouts Coming Soon (We Hope)

St. Paul/Minneapolis Streetcars (circa 1950) (Proposed)

St Paul/Minneapolis had an extensive streetcar network that included some very modern PCCs. As this is a city that my wife spent a fair amount of time in, I would like to model this system at some point. Thanks to a kind soul, I now have track plan information, so that's a major step forward. I still need help figuring out the routes, however. If you know anything about this system, please e-mail me, James Bow.

St. Paul/Minneapolis LRT (April 1, 2002) (Proposed)
The Twin Cities of Minnesota last ran streetcars in the mid 1950s. Now, after thirty years of planning and controversy, it looks like the streetcars may be coming back. The first line, carrying the evocative name of 'The Hiawatha Corridor', looks set to start construction in mid 1999, opening between downtown Minneapolis, the Airport and the Mall of America by the summer of 2002. This is just one segment of a complicated network designed to dramatically improve transportation in the Twin Cities. This layout, when completed, will model the full system, as proposed.
Cleveland Streetcars (circa 1950) (Proposed)

Cleveland will be the first true Heartland Simulation on this page, if all goes well for Richard Reichardt. He has plans in hand, and will soon be starting work on the simulation. Cleveland once had an extensive streetcar simulation, featuring a large selection of equipment, including PCCs. Toronto, Ontario, obtained several of these PCCs for its fleet, and they served the public into the 1980s. If you have more information about Cleveland that you'd like to share, e-mail me, Richard Reichardt.

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