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This we page is back online, after a rather long interruption.
It has a new look and more maps. Thanks to for the webhosting.
More maps and a links collection will be coming soon.

All official maps and the London Underground 'Roundel' are copyright Transport for London.
Except solely for your own personal and non commercial use no part of these documents may be
copied or used without the prior written permission of Transport for London. For the latest
maps available, please visit the Transport for London website. This is an unoffical website,
provided to inform people of the artfulness and rich history of Beck's Map.

This website can only grow with the help of its visitors. If you have any maps from dates that
are not represented in the collection, or links that I should add, please e-mail them to me. With
your help, this website can become an excellent cource of information.

This website is dedicated to Harry Beck, a simple man who had a great idea.

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